• Montana Code Annotated  20-7-104 2017

    MCA 20-7-104: Transparency and public availability of public school performance data -- reporting -- availability for timely use to improve instruction.

    GEMS - Growth and Enhancement of Montana Students

    GEMS Growth and Enhancement of Montana Students:  This data reporting system provides access to multiple years of data and interactive reports on student achievement, graduation rates, enrollment, program and course offerings, district and school profiles, the National Assessment of Progress (NAEP), and financial information reported by school districts.  Additionally, GEMS provides users the ability to compare Montana schools side-by-side.

    Montana Office of Public Information

    OPI, Information Reporting Systems Portal:  Educator Licensure, amount, by category spent by the district for operation and maintenance and total budgets for all funds. 

    OPI, School Finance Link:  School budgets, trustees financial summary, total budgets for all funds and school district accounting.

    Manhattan School District

    Collective Bargaining Agreement