• Welcome to a great new year in 2016/2017! We have a great group of kids and will be studying some very exciting things this year.
    Some ideas to help your student be successful in junior high follow:
    Check your child's assignment notebook each night and ask questions about what he or she is learning. Ask what they like the best, and what they are struggling with the most.
    Helping your student with homework is appreciated. Doing your student's homework for them doesn't help anyone.
    Praise him or her for work well done and ask what could have been done better.
    Help your student to find a quiet area to do homework and study. In front of the TV, playing video games, or surrounded by noisy siblings is distracting and makes it hard to concentrate.
    Encourage your student to read everyday. They can read silently to themselves, aloud to you while you fix dinner or fold clothes, to or with siblings, or with you if you have time to sit down and share a book with them. 
    Thank you all for sharing your wonderful kids with me. This is a terrific group and I look forward the  rest of the year!


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at school, 284-3250, or to e-mail me at broyce@mhstigers.org . 
     Mrs. Royce