• Tiger Tracks


    END OF QUARTER: First quarter ends this Friday, grades must be posted by 12:00 PM on Monday and will be mailed out the following day. If possible, the office would like some teachers to post by 12:00 PM on Friday. This will allow our Infinite Campus representative, Mr. Lark, to complete a run through prior to the school officially posting grades. The early upload is optional


    We would like to remind everyone to be safe in the parking lot and beyond. Take the time to buckle your seat belts, scrape your windshields, and drive for the road conditions. The District is considering designating a set traffic flow for our parking lot, more on this in topic in the future. We have a high volume of pedestrians in the parking lot mixed with bus, student, staff, and parent traffic; thank you for serving on bus duty and doing your part to keep everyone safe.

    PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES: Parent teacher conferences are next Wednesday and Thursday evening from 4:00-7:00 PM. These conferences are great opportunities to have student centered conversations with parents and share information about your program and our school. If the opportunity presents itself, I encourage you to share examples of the great things we have going on in our classrooms. In addition to concerns, be sure to communicate progress, current performance (academic and behavior), future goals, and opportunities for students.

    ATTENDANCE: One of the most important things students can do to support their education is show up to school each day. Chronic absenteeism may be defined as missing 10 percent of school days, (18 days a year), and is a contributing factor to student’s academic success in high school and beyond. Unfortunately, there is not a silver bullet available that will remedy the issue. Manhattan High School’s #1 goal is providing a safe, positive environment that is focused on learning. In support of this goal we are striving for our students to maintain an average daily attendance of 95% or better. Our staff is committed to making purposeful efforts to encourage students to be active participants in their education, beginning with coming to school. Manhattan High School’s average daily attendance is currently 95.24%.

    Subtle Reminders

    Active Presence –. Get in your stepsJ, being active both in our classrooms and in our hallways is a great way to build relationships with kids and support a positive school environment.

    Infinite Campus – Please remember to take attendance each period, stay current on grading, and enter behavior logs when necessary.

    Lunch- Ensure you are holding your students until the bell rings for 4th period. Our lunch schedule is tight and seconds matter. Do not release kids early for lunch.

    UPCOMING EVENTS: Staff meeting, Tuesday November 13th at 8:00 A.M. in Mrs. Todd’s room.

    TEACHER ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING: TBD, Book study on, “Creating a Love and Logic School Culture”.

    Quote of the Week:  

     “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

                      -Albert Schweitzer